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Joint Adventures

Brocklebank Ground,
LA21 8BS

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Archery can be done as part of corporate hospitality, team building, or any occasion when you want to relax in a beautifully peaceful setting.  This is a year round activity for anyone who is 10 years or older.
Target Archery. This is probably the most common experience of archery which most people have.   You will learn how to shoot a bow safely, and shoot at targets between 15m to 20m (45 to 60 feet). 
Field Archery Days.These events are a wonderful way to relax and enjoy being in the forest.  In a relaxed easy going atmosphere you will be introduced to Field Archery   in which we try to simulate the art of hunting in English woodlands. 

Of course we do not hunt real animals.  Instead we use a variety of two dimensional and three dimensional targets placed in a beautiful woodland setting.  Archers may shoot at targets of varying sizes, and the level of skill needed can be varied by setting targets over more difficult terrain.
With emphasis on safety, you will be taught how to use your equipment correctly.  After some practice you will have a chance to move on to shooting over varying distances, and perhaps venturing onto the "hunting trail".  Field Archery can be done as a full day activity.
Walk backwards over the edge of a steep drop with only a couple of ropes and your composure to keep you safe!  If this idea doesn't put you off then read on.  Joint Adventures instructors will see that you will get to the bottom safe and sound.  Abseiling is a technique used by climbers to return to the bottom of a climb quickly (but not too quickly) and we will show you all you need to know to enjoy this exhilarating challenge.  Let us help you organise your sponsored abseil event.

Gorge Walking/Ghyll Scrambling is one of our most popular activities. Why not walk up a mountain stream, climb waterfalls, and jump into pools?  This activity is largely about getting wet and having fun.  We provide FULL WETSUITS for this activity as standard.  Gorge walking may be done as a half day activity, or combined with another activity to make a full day.


Have you ever fancied messing about in a boat?  Then canoeing could be for you.  You can learn basic canoeing skills, develop existing ones, or just have a good old splash about.  Joint Adventures will set you on your way to developing this activity in which ever way you choose.   See our Canoe skills courses for details of British Canoe Union star test courses.  Canoeing is available as a half day, full day, or expedition activity. See Our Wild Cat Island Adventures.


For those of us that enjoy family adventure activities with our whole family this type of session is for you.  We will provide you with an instructor who is experienced  in working with families in the outdoors. For these sessions it is best to contact us to discuss your requirements and take advantage of our special family rates.


Outdoor adventure activities are a very powerful way of developing people's ability to work as part of a team or to act as a team leaders.  We can do this  by engaging people in enjoyable, and challenging multi  activity scenarios. We can then review and reflect on the events which took place.  This brings people together, and can help them become more aware of their potential role in your organisation. Team building is available as a full day or multi day course with a minimum group size of 5. 


Rock Climbing is the ultimate vertical challenge.  The Lake District is thought of as the birth place of English rock climbing.  With our help you can join in the adventure and excitement of reaching the top. From taster sessions to skills development , we will provide all you need to enjoy this activity.

Hill Walking for beautiful views, peace and tranquillity, or help with your navigation , we can help you get the most from your time on the hill.  Hill walking can be tailored to meet your needs and level of experience.  It is available as a full day, half day, or expedition activity. 

Kayaking is just one part of Canoe Sport.  There are many branches of kayaking, from messing about on the water, to longer kayaking journeys on lakes and rivers.  Kayaking has something for everyone.   See our kayaking sklls courses for details of British Canoe Union star test courses, or check out our Kayak Touring courses.Kayaking is available as a half day, full day, or expedition activity. 


Raft building involves teams of people building improvised rafts, from logs and barrels.  It is great fun and can be used to develop interpersonal skills, and team work, or just having fun!  Raft building can be done as a half day session, or combined with other team building activities to form a full day session.


Want to increase you personal skills and experience beyond those taster sessions?  Our skills courses can help.  Whether you're looking to take National Governing Body Awards, or just trying to increase your own personal competence, click on the pictures below to find your perfect skills course.Why not make use of our expert advice and coaching experience?  Check our Course Dates , or simply contact us and tell us what you need.  

Made famous by Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons , Peel Island lies towards the southern end of Coniston Water.  In the book it is known as
Wild Cat Island.
With it's Secret Harbour and accessibility by kayak or canoe, it makes for the perfect adventure for Swallows and Amazon fans of all ages.  Let Joint Adventures take you there by Kayak or Canoe.For added adventure you can also visit Trout Tarn ( Beacon Tarn ) and Octopus Lagoon ( Allan Tarn ).  Contact us for a customised Swallows and Amazons Day.
We know that you love your children.....So give them that special day of adventure, whilst you go off and do whatever.  We will give them a day of adventure activities, and include 3 activities to make them smile.You can book them onto one of two sessions during school half terms, Easter and Summer Holidays.  So check your calendar and let your children choose the Adventure Day they want. 

Orienteering is an exciting sport or recreational activity that can be done by all.  It provides and exciting way to learn the skills and knowledge to allow you to navigate through areas which are completely unfamiliar.
Joint Adventures will help you to develop keen observation, combined with basic map and compass skills.  It is an excellent year round activity for groups of any size and virtually any age. Joint Adventures uses a variety of orienteering courses, some of which are permanent, and some of which we set up just for the day.  Our instructors will teach you the basics, and allow you to improve and test your skills around the course.


Bush Craft is increasingly popular with many people.  For some it satisfies a quest for being at one with the natural environment, for others it offers the challenge of independent living; being self sufficient.  Whatever your reason for thinking about bush craft, it will take you away from the chores of everyday modern living.  You will learn new skills, take time over things, and learn to be chilled out as you share in what the woodland has to offer. Bush Craft courses at Joint Adventures allow you immerse yourself to varying degrees in learning how to survive in the wild.  The following courses are available:

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