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Picture Gallery

Acorn Bank Garden and Watermill Lake District Cumbria


The National Trust


Acorn Bank OrchardAcorn Bank Garden and Watermill
Situated at Temple, Sowerby close to Penrith in the North East of Cumbria and belongs to the National Trust.

The Garden
You will find England's largest and best garden in culinary and medicinal herbs with fine oaks that surround the garden and in spring have a vast display of daffodils around them. Within the walls you will find two [2] orchards with fruit trees and around the orchards mixed boarders with shrubs, herbaceous plants and roses.

Also can be found is the well garden and you could take a woodland walk that runs beside the Crowdundle Beck and a picnic area that can be found in a woodland setting.

The mill was opened to the public after being restored in 1997 after being derelict for a long time and the mill can be seen working sometimes with the use of volunteers.

WatermillA leaflet can be purchased that describes the workings of the mill from where the water comes from the weir some distance away, to the water being taken from Crowdundle Beck to drive the waterwheels, the kiln where the grain would be dried before milling, the four [4] pairs of millstones in line with two being worked by each waterwheel, and also the barn and yard where the miller would have kept pigs which were fed on waste from the mill.

There is a cafe that sells light refreshments, a National Trust Shop where you can browse or purchase gifts and plants can also be bought.

Acorn Bank House
Well Garden
Herb Garden
Cart at Watermill
Crowdundle Beck "Weir"
Water Wheel at Watermill
Inside Watermill
Ponds in Woods
Well Garden
Plants for Sale

It is advisable to contact Acorn Bank prior to your visit if there is something specific you wish to see or any alterations have been made to the Opening times and the attraction itself. Disclaimer

Further information and details on opening times, costs and facilities please contact or visit their website.

Location - North of Temple Sowerby close to Penrith on the A66.

Telephone: Acorn Bank Watermill Cumbria Lake District +44 [0] 17683 61893
Telephone: Acorn Bank Watermill Cumbria Lake District +44 [0] 17683 61467
Email: Acorn Bank Watermill E-mail - Acorn Bank
Acorn Bank Website Acorn Bank Garden and Watermill Lake District

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