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Socks for Lakeland walking WALKING - Socks

SocksThe sock is an important item of clothing for the walker and mountaineer to help in the prevention of blisters, absorb any perspiration and of course keeping the toes warm.

One of the most important aspects of a sock's design is a close fit, with any folds, creases or bagginess can lead to excessive pressure and then onto blisters. The best fit will come from a sock that has a shaped toe, heel and socks come with a stretchy sections around the leg, arch, ankle to hold the sock in place ensuring a close fit.

Smooth flat seams also give a more comfortable fit and to prevent rapid wear, some socks are reinforced and cushioned at the toes, ball, of the foot and heel. It is good to look for a sock that wicks sweat away from the surface of the skin, so that it can pass through the boot. Wicking synthetic fibres are the best material for socks, so look for polypropylene and polyester. If socks have wool or cotton in small quantities in the design of the sock is fine, but if it processes large quantities of either avoid as they tend to soak up water moisture, making your feet colder and more clammy.

There should be no restriction of movement or circulation and you should be able to wiggle your toes with ease. The socks should be kept clean and washed regularly. If you do get a hole in them don't repair them, because repaired socks can cause blisters.

Finally you can purchase waterproof socks made from a breathable material which will keep your feet dry no matter what the weather throws at your feet.

Disclaimer - Climbing, Fell Walking, Mountaineering, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Watersports and other Activities can be extremely dangerous and can result in permanent disability or even loss of life. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own involvement and Lake District Let's Go can not be held responsible. Always seek advice and information.


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