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Climbing Equipment Karabiners CLIMBING - EQUIPMENT - Karabiners

Screwgate KarabinerKarabiners
are often called "Krabs" these are metal snaplinks with sprung openings gates, which are used as connections between a range of climbing equipment. Generally they are made from steel or aluminium alloy and can be found in various shapes and sizes, the common shape is a D and pear shape.

The alloy karabiner are more popular due to being lighter and strong as steel.

The karabiner falls into three [3] catogries Screwgate, Snap and Twistlock.

The Screwgate karabiner has a threaded sleeve that stops the gate from opening by accident and used to attach the rope to the climber and for main belays. The Snap karabiner have no locking device and are mainly used for running belays [quick draws], that consists of pieces of equipment placed or found in the rock into which the leader clips the rope via the karabiner as he climbs. This helps the climber and the second climber in the event of a fall. Although they help the climber in a fall they do have a disadvantage Quick Drawbeing that the rope can flick out of the karabiner in a fall, this is where the rope bounces out of the karabiner as its gates rapidly opens and closes under rope action. If possibly use some form of locking device or double up on karabiners with their gates reversed. Twistlock is a new auto-locking gate action, these are popular in instructional situations, to prevent accidental gate locking. Climbers are beginning to take to them as they offer extre security and very little trade off in lightness.

When using snap karabiners in running belays [quick draws] pay attention to where you place the karabiner because the gates can be pushed open by resting against the rock or edge. Seek advice from expereiced climbers on how to place the snap karabiners in running belays [quick draws].

Snap KarabinerKarabiners should be cleaned with warm water, liquid soap and a brush preiodically. The moving parts should be treated with silicone and not oil has it may damage other climbing equipment. Always check for corrosion and if is has been involved in a big fall or dropped some way for some form of deformation, if there is discard.

Always seek advice from the specialist outlets and that the karabiners have the UIAA standard approval.


Disclaimer - Climbing, Fell Walking, Mountaineering, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Watersports and other Activities can be extremely dangerous and can result in permanent disability or even loss of life. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own involvement and Lake District Let's Go can not be held responsible. Always seek advice and information.


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