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Climbing Equipment Helmet CLIMBING - EQUIPMENT - Helmet

Climbing HelmetThe Helmet I believe should be worn at all times when climbing outdoors, also it is good practice when climbing indoors at climbing walls.

The helmets have made climbing safer as it offers protection to the head in two [2] ways, against stonefall from above and also head injuries from a collision with the rock face during a fall or with the ground after a fall. The reason why I mentioned it is good practice for the use of the helmet indoors is for the second reason I have outlined.

The helmets of today are lighter and far more comfortable and without the strength of the helmet being sacrificed due to modern materials being used. Most of the helmets are made from a mixture of fiberglass and resin, some are plastic and a few are made from carbonfibre.

Climbing HelmetInside the helmet, known as the cradle which the Y-shaped chin strap is attached firmly too, at four [4] points, which helps the helmet stay firmly on the head despite blows from any direction. Also it is adjustable over a range of head sizes with shock-absorbent foam linings. .

Always purchase an approved helmet and from specialist outlet and compare various manufactures when trying them on for size and fitting. Price of helmets start from around £30.00.

Never purchase a secondhand helmet, it may have been involved in some form of impact and the structure may have weaken and always replace after a fairly severe impact.


Disclaimer - Climbing, Fell Walking, Mountaineering, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Watersports and other Activities can be extremely dangerous and can result in permanent disability or even loss of life. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own involvement and Lake District Let's Go can not be held responsible. Always seek advice and information.



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