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Climbing Equipment CLIMBING

Climber In ActionIn this section various items will be mentioned concerning equipment with an overall view and the principles behind it. There will be no mentioned of any particular brand or model, but at the bottom of this article their will be links to various companies and shops.

It is worth mentioning that reading magazines that specializes in outdoor activities will have articles discussing certain sections and what they feel is the best item within that section, value for money and what to look for, this make's it a good area to look and compare and help you in your decision.

Having the best gear and having the most expensive items with all the latest innovation is not going to keep you safe on the crags or in the mountains and the hills. What is most important -- it is the how, when and why of their use that matters.

Behind mountain safety, you must understand the basic concepts other words it is not what equipment you use or wear that is important so much as the understanding of why you use it or wear it. The equipment and the clothing that is used may have to protect you from a wide variety of conditions and elements, for example from falling [hopefully not] to weather conditions that you may encounter on the crags and mountains.

Sarah King In ActionThe main function of the equipment is to minimize accidents and severe injury so that you can climb in a save environment

The general clothing required for crags close to the road are a vest, climbing tights, climbing trousers, fleece jacket and a pair of gloves for belaying to avoid rope burn. For more information concerning clothing for the higher crags and mountains Click HERE

You will also require a rucksack to carry your gear to the crags.

Rock Shoes
Belay Devices
Screwgate Karabiner
Chalk Bag

Disclaimer - Climbing, Fell Walking, Mountaineering, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Watersports and other Activities can be extremely dangerous and can result in permanent disability or even loss of life. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own involvement and Lake District Let's Go can not be held responsible. Always seek advice and information.



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